Standing for principles – Angus Jones

Angus Jones is currently in the news, the actor for a tv sitcom (two and a half men)gave a testimony (click testimony) to the Forerunner. In his testimony, he lifts up the name of Jesus Christ, tells of how he finds Christ and tells the fans of the show not to watch it. It’s a very powerfulContinue reading “Standing for principles – Angus Jones”

Locusts and Pestilence next?

Prophetic events are so plain to see, that even from the mouth of the unsuspecting ones God’s purpose is being revealed.  NBC local affiliate news in Philadelphia reports, “Christie noted that residents and emergency workers are weary, and joked about what else could go wrong. “So we’re getting ready for another storm,” Christie said. “I’m waiting forContinue reading “Locusts and Pestilence next?”


There are so many signs in the world today that tell us that we are near the end.  That the fulness of time is just about come.  We will look at one area, that at times does not get much attention.  Let us read the following quote from the book, The Desire of Ages: TheContinue reading “FULNESS OF TIME”