A Sleeping Church – Sermon By Pastor Jeremiah Davis

But instead of watching with Christ, they were burdened with sorrow, and fell asleep. Even the ardent Peter, who, only a few hours before, had declared that he would suffer and, if need be, die for his Lord, was asleep. At the most critical moment, when the Son of God was in need of their sympathy and heartfelt prayers, they were found asleep. They lost much by thus sleeping. Our Saviour designed to fortify them for the severe test of their faith to which they would soon be subjected. If they had spent that mournful period in watching with the dear Saviour, and in prayer to God, Peter would not have been left to his own feeble strength to deny his Lord in the time of trial. – {2T 204.3}

The Son of God went away the second time, and prayed, saying: “O My Father, if this cup may not pass away from Me, except I drink it, Thy will be done.” And again He came to His disciples and found them sleeping. Their eyes were heavy. By these sleeping disciples is represented a sleeping church, when the day of God’s visitation is nigh. It is a time of clouds and thick darkness, when to be found asleep is most perilous. – {2T 205.1} – 2T 204-205


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  1. Thanks for ure preaching

  2. You’ve been of great help to us. May God use you as He wants

    1. Amen, Praise God. Get ready, Jesus is coming soon, the signs are very clear. Sit at Jesus feet – spend time studying His word ( Bible and Spirit of prophecy) with prayer and be a “light” where ever you are.

  3. can I be sent something to do with country living

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