Revival and Reformation Series -(live)

 This is an invitation to join Pastor Jeremiah Davis & Family for a Revival and Reformation Series at Inland Empire SDA Church (604 E State Street, Redlands, CA 92374); continuing today, Feb. 26 – Feb. 28.
For those of you who may not be in the area, the meetings are being streamed live! Meetings will continue this evening, and on Friday, at 7 pm (PST – which is 10 pm, EST); and on Sabbath, at 11 am (PST – which is 2 pm, EST). There will be additional meetings held on Sabbath afternoon, so please stay tuned to the announcements given during the service on Sabbath! 
(Please click on the following link for live streaming, at the aforementioned time) 


2 responses to “Revival and Reformation Series -(live)”

  1. Are his sermons being recorded? I have not been able to attend, i will be there for the Sabbath services but I wish i could catch up.

    1. They are, you’ll be able to get a copy. Inquire about it Saturday evening.

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