How close are we to the coming of Jesus?

A four part series – How close are we to the coming of Jesus Part 1 & 2, Questions and Answers, and Creeping Compromise or Holy Surrender? (The messages are successive, you can advance from one to the other)

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  1. Jackelin Brooks Avatar
    Jackelin Brooks

    Happy Sabbath, how can I invite Pastor Davis to my church to preach “present time” truth sermon. My church family desperately wants to learn how we can be personally saved and do the work needed to save ALL our friends and families (and finish the work). We need a hard message to get ourselves seriously ready, before we can biblically spread the true message.

    We love the Lord and want to obey his total will and message of love and then share this to the world! I pray that you can please respond…as you are well aware time is short and I want us to live the Lord for ever.

    1. Good evening, you can contact pastor Davis through this email address, or his ministry’s phone number, (256)683-0959. We pray that all goes well and you are able to schedule him to visit you church. If you are having any difficulty contacting him, let us know. God bless.

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