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2 responses to “Heaven Bound Store”

  1. God bless, I’m trying to find out if there’s a book that helps us prepare to move to the country and how to survive once there…I’m new to the faith and heard pastor Davis speak about it..I would like to know what steps to take in the present…

    1. Hi, may God bless you in your endeavor to follow Him all the way, even in this important step, country living. We have a book listed on our heaven bounds bookstore, “your home home in the country”. There is also the book, “Country Living” by Ellen White, you can read an electronic version of it online, but if you would like a hard copy, I can direct you in getting one. There is an informative country living series presented by Elder bridges, I can also direct you to where you can get the DVDs. I pray that this help. God bless and please contact us if there is any other question.

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