Satan is stretching his hand upon the church

Satan is attacking God’s church, he is subtle in his actions, but the results can be seen. Closing churches, reducing the number of people that can attend church, the wearing of mask in church, social distancing – thus limiting witnessing, and now in California, restricting church members from signing, what’s next?

He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. -Daniel 11:42

We Shall Need An Experience – Noah

The “time of trouble, such as never was,” is soon to open upon us; and we shall need an experience which we do not now possess and which many are too indolent to obtain. GC 622.4

What is this experience that we shall need?

The End Is Very Near – Confusion in DC

2018 has ended with confusion and uncertainty, 2019 has began with confusion and uncertainty, where are we heading? How close are we to the end?

“Transgression has almost reached its limit. Confusion fills the world, and a great terror is soon to come upon human beings. The end is very near. God’s people should be preparing for what is to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise.” CG 555.2

Pastor Jeremiah Davis Series in St. Marten 2016

Jeremiah Davis- Session 1: Handwriting on the Wall

Jeremiah Davis-Session 2: For such a time as This

Jeremiah Davis-Session 3: “The great clock of time”

Jeremiah Davis-Session 4: For Such a Time as this part 2

Jeremiah Davis Session 5: Great work Little Time

Jeremiah Davis Session 6: A Bell And A Pomegranate

Jeremiah Davis- Session 7: Our eyes are closed and need to be opened

Jeremiah Davis- Session 8: Our eyes are closed and need to be opened part 2

Jeremiah Davis Session 9: What you need to do, do it quickly